Leadership Mastermind Alliance

Leadership Mastermind Alliance

I invite you to join me in a challenging, one-year leadership journey for professional and personal growth and development.

“For over 30 years, I have had the privilege of learning with thousands of leaders throughout the world. This has been in many formats from undergraduate and graduate leadership courses to workshops, seminars and conference sessions. I have frequently been asked by leaders: “How can I keep my edge in leadership development learning – what’s next?” I realized that getting a small group of committed leaders together is a perfect way to create an amazing leadership development opportunity. I call it…. the Leadership Mastermind Alliance (LMMA).

What is a Mastermind Alliance? A Mastermind Alliance is a “meeting of minds” in which members put their knowledge, ideas, and experiences together to create a synergy of thoughts that benefits each member. It is a powerful method for sharing of ideas and promoting individual and collective results.

What do we do during the monthly meetings?

Each LMMA meeting is structured for the maximum opportunity to listen, lead and succeed. Time is our most valuable resource and so we will make the very best use of our monthly sessions. During the monthly meetings we will cover the following items.

  • Developing Your Leadership Strategic Focus
    You will have a strategic focus to work from based on your core foundation (purpose, values and vision). You will also identify a BIG BOLD GOAL to achieve in 2016.
  • Leadership Sage Sessions
    During the year each member will deliver a 20-25 minute session on a leadership topic of interest. This will take many forms from a leadership strategy to a case analysis.
  • Leadership Action Reading
    Since leaders are readers, you will be involved in reading a selected book during a 2-month period. We will discuss specific action points that you can put into practice.
  • Leadership BIG BOLD GOAL Accountability
    During the LMMA meetings, you will share your results and evidence to date.
  • Leadership Challenges
    Members are encouraged to bring specific leadership challenges that they are facing to receive suggestions and recommendations from the group.

What is the group size?

A maximum size of 10 members. We want the LMMA to be small enough so that each member can actively contribute and benefit. This number will provide sufficient varied perspectives and ideas, yet allows each member to receive significant attention.

Who is the ideal member of the LMMA?

The leader who is dedicated to their ongoing leadership growth, no matter what their level. This is not just for leaders at the top of their organization. I am defining leadership broadly – anyone who guides themselves and others to positive results.

What do I have to do to be a peak performing, contributing member of the LMMA?

  • Commit to attend meetings and arrive on time. Engage in confidentiality.
  • Share time since all members receive equal attention in both the ability to speak and
  • Respect others..
  • Commit to setting and achieving a Big Bold Leadership Goal.
  • Maintain a supportive environment.
  • Check in weekly via a virtual post.
  • If you must miss a session, you will need to produce a video to be shared with the other members during the regular meeting.

The LMMA is not for everyone. In order to assess the level of commitment and readiness, prior to becoming a member, you will have a conversation with me explaining why you are interested in joining the journey. I will make the final decision on the LMMA membership.

“If you are interested, please give me a call at 407-312-8530 or send me an email”


“The LMMA has been invaluable to my personal and professional growth. This group will take you to the next level and you will be amazed by the results. It is a must do.”

~ Armando R. Payas, Esq.

LMMA has totally changed my life and the lens through which I view the world. There are very few opportunities to build and nurture open, honest, authentic relationships in an environment that is based in trust. Through the facilitation of Dr. Rick Bommelje and the unique qualities of each leader this group is rich in the possibilities to transform your life and the lives of others. I highly recommend the journey if you are willing to make the commitment.

~ Pat McLeod

“I have had the privilege of being on a cutting edge leadership learning journey with Rick’s Leadership Mastermind Alliance (LMMA) team since 2007 and this has been by far the most valuable leadership development I have ever experienced in my over 30 year career! The benefits have been both professional and personal such as:

  • Learning new ideas/strategies for setting goals, achieving results, articulating a vision and developing others
  • Professional counsel on career transition along with encouragement and support
  • Becoming a better listener and business strategist
  • Gaining an amazing network of trustworthy, talented leaders and friends who both challenge and support
  • Turning threats and challenges into opportunities

Rick is one of the most sought after and respected professors at Rollins College and has been actively involved in an innovative style of leadership development for decades. By joining the LMMA team, you will surely accelerate your own success and the success of those whom you lead while improving your company’s competitive position.”

~ Ann Newhouse

“I joined the LMMA shortly after I finished my Rollins MBA in
2007. This is the type of environment that has allowed me to exponentially continue my growth and professional development. Through the alliance of leaders from different backgrounds we are able to leverage the combined power of the group to develop and drive accountability in each other to attain extraordinary results – in terms of fulfilled lives as well as exciting and productive careers. Professionally and personally this has been one of the best investments I have made.”

~ Carl Chauncey

“My membership in LMMA is one of the best gifts I have ever given to myself. It has awarded me deep and lasting friendships, focused intention and attention, revolutionary leadership and personal insights, and a strong support group. I leave each meeting with a pearl of wisdom.”

~ Becky Nickol

“Are you seeking ways to up your leadership game in an open, safe environment? Are you seeking ways to manage through adaptive leadership challenges? Do you want to connect with other leaders seeking the same truths? If that is where you are in your journey, the Leadership Mastermind Alliance is for you! Through the LMMA in the past 5 years, I have learned more about myself, how to handle leadership challenges that arise and how to really listen and be present with others. This is by far the richest learning environment I have ever had the privilege of participating in.”

~ Denise Messineo

“Through the years I have joined a variety of organizations, but none that have enriched my life like the LMMA. I feel so fortunate to meet monthly with this diverse group of leaders that share a unified focus on learning, encouraging, and growing in our personal and professional lives. In 2015, give yourself this gift!”

~ Karen Brandell

“Being involved in LMMA has done more for me personally and professionally than any other group I have been involved with. The intimate bonds formed and sacred circle of trust allows me to be brutally honest with my challenges and struggles and get such tremendous group support and direction to make these adjustments. I am entering into my 4th year and every month, look forward to the first Friday of the month on my calendar.”

~ Melinda Brody